Motorola G7 transmit audio problems

What phone do you have? Motorola G7

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data included

Issue Description

G7 phone has had low mic volume and muffled sound during portions of calls on either Wi-Fi or Cell calls almost since it was new almost a year ago. The far end will hear the audio just fine but then it will get much lower in volume and also get muffled and then after a few minutes it may or may not come back just fine. Often we have to change to speakerphone mode to get the audio back to normal but it doesn’t always work properly when in speakerphone mode either. This is very frustrating to both parties. Help please.

Have you tried the recommended tweaks in this?

You did say issue happens on cell calls as well…but worth a try.

As you go through the Router Tweaks that @amitl pointed you towards, you may also want to check your handover setting in the Republic App / Settings / Advance Settings … specifically, ‘Enable handover on networks’ and ‘Handover to WiFi when appropriate’ as your phone may be toggling back and forth between WiFi & Cell

Thank you all for the suggestions about calls dropping when switching between cell service and Wi-Fi but this happens when out of town and on the highway as well as standing 20 feet from the wireless router, so it is not related signal services or signal strength. This happens for a few seconds up to minutes but changes back and forth during the same call so it appears to be the phone or the OS or firmware running on it.

ok, the fact the problem occurs ‘out of town and on the highway’ is new information not previously shared and does in fact point away from your home location/network.

  • I would suggest you try booting into Safe Mode as a test, this would help eliminate any of the 3rd party apps.
    • If that ‘fixes’ the problem then you would need to find and remove the ‘bad’ app
  • If use of Safe Mode doesn’t provide any additional clues, then I would turn to Motorola Support: How to Contact Motorola Support – Republic Help

I have the same troubles. I think Republic should never have offered this phone to the public. I’m about ready to throw this junk in the lake. I’m asking them for a replacement or credit for a new one.

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