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I received the Motorola Keylink at no charge for the purpose of an impartial review. This small Bluetooth device attaches to your keys via a lanyard. The IKEA-like instructions show how to attach the lanyard, how to turn on Keylink, how to download Motorola Connect to your phone and pair it, and finally how to use the phone to find the keys and the keys to find the phone. That’s it - did I mention how simple it is to install and use? It works perfectly within its 100-foot range.

Suggestion, Phone Silent for only Fixed Time

Thanks for providing the review … my 1st thought was 'what if I know where my Keys are … can they find my Phone?

Once your Power Pack Micro is connected with the Connect app you can do the following things:
Locate your Power Pack Micro from your phone
Locate your phone from your Power Pack Micro
Check the Power Pack Micro battery level from your phone
Be notified on your phone when your Power Pack Micro battery needs to be charged
Above from Motorola

Keep reading, this is apparently not the straight scoop :blush:


Again, @ford44

@jben brings up a great point though. BatteryLife !.

I returned the one I had bought before ever gifting it. My reason was…what are the chances that it will actually be charged when it’s needed?.

I hope you continue to update this excellent thread with battery, durability, and overall “user” opinions.


I remember Motorola doing these other little hardware projects a while back. However, the market has others out there too. The biggest name I know of is Tile. While you may not have used it, do you have any opinions and comparisons on how the Motorola tile would stand up to competitors?


the Key Link features are built into the Power pack Micro but they are 2 different products
I pretty sure they both can cause the phone to ring and be made to “ring” from the phone (I have the Power pack micro )
the check battery level I do believe is a feature that only the power pack micro has (though I could be wrong perhaps if @ford44 could update and confirm this one way or another)


I have personally used the product from TrackR. I found it close to useless. Most of these, in order to be able to have good battery life themselves and not to impact phone battery life, are bluetooth based. Because of this range is extremely limited. Every single time I couldn’t find my keys, the TrackR didn’t ring either. They’re now sitting in a drawer as another example of a technology I wish I hadn’t spent my money on.


I turned the Keylink I received over to my wife. She has it set up and showed it to some family who think it’s a great idea. Everybody seems to think the tether that holds it to the keychain will break. It’s been almost a week since she last couldn’t find her keys, so it should be getting some practical use soon.


OK, I’m out.

I realize this would actually work better in reverse for me…in the sense of using her keys to find her phone…(19 yr, old keeps track of the “keys”) so it is feasible.


I imagine that the Keylink will get used to find the phone somewhat less frequently, but it will be used for that purpose too. Unfortunately my wife frequently has her ringer turned off (or at least that’s what she claims when I ask why she doesn’t answer my calls/texts).


Most of these include the reverse function as well. The TrackR has a little button on it that you push in order to ring the phone, and I’m fairly sure the Keylink has the same thing.


Do you mean the phone or the Motorola Keylink?

The Keylink uses a non-rechargeable CR2032 “coin” battery. Motorola suggests the battery should last one year.

This is not the same device as the Motorola Power Pack.


I just tested the Keylink finding the phone and it works even with the phone’s ringer turned off.


Exactly. On the Keylink, you push the little button twice.


Agreed that the check battery level is not available on the Keylink - it just finds keys or phone.


I purchased a Motorola Keylink for use with my Moto X2. It was virtually useless. I finally gave it away.


Time to update my review due to battery life. Yesterday, both my partners and my key fob started chirping. They were down to less than 4% battery. So, factor in a new CR2032 battery every six weeks if you want to keep the Keylink operational. Fortunately, these batteries are relatively inexpensive - as little as 44 cents here.


I setup my folks with something like this for thier phone and keys etc. Tile. Bluetooth tracker things that u can press to beep your phone, or use app to track and beep the trackers. They last a bit over 1yr then u have to replace them. They work, for the most part. But are not as fast and accurate as I want. U need real time GPS tracking and cell network connectivity to truly be an effective lost item tracker. But those are far more expensive and require monthly service.