Motorola Model XTL 1955-5

How do I reboot this phone in recovery mode with a previous google account used on it that I don’t have the personal info on. Plus it has a 4 digit lock pin on it . The phone is from a sense deceased friend . I have tried a good sim card from one of my personal phones and that did not work. Should I just call T-Mobile who is the carrier to unlock it?

Refer to this help article from Google: Can't unlock your Android device - Android Help

1st sorry to hear about your friend,

if you don’t know the PIN or google account and password on the phone I don’t think much can be done (anti-theft protection required google account and password if resetting the phone not though the phone’s setting, to get to phone setting you need the PIN (carrier should not unlock this either)

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Just to summarize: Neither Republic nor T-Mobile has any way to bypass the Factory Reset Protection on a phone. The FRP is a legally mandated lock out to prevent stolen phones from being used. The phone manufacturer may, with the proper proof of ownership, be able to do it. Where they can they charge a fee and the phone must be sent to them to do it. The only place worth contacting about this is the maker of the phone, other than that, no one can help (and they may not be able to either).


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