Motorola Moto E and Moto G Fast are now available in the Republic Wireless online store!

The Motorola Moto E and Moto G Fast are now available in the Republic Wireless online store and supported for BYOP.

Moto E

:heavy_check_mark: 13 MP dual camera system
:heavy_check_mark: 6.2" Max Vision display
:heavy_check_mark: Ultra-responsive performance
:heavy_check_mark: Convenient fingerprint reader

Full Tech Specs are available in our online store .

Moto G Fast


:heavy_check_mark: Blazing fast performance
:heavy_check_mark: 16MP triple camera system
:heavy_check_mark: 6.4" Max Vision HD+ display
:heavy_check_mark: Exclusive Moto Experiences

Full Tech Specs are available in our online store .

We support only the North American Factory Unlocked version of any BYOP phone. We do not support carrier-branded or international variants. Please make certain any phone you are considering for BYOP is supported by installing the Republic Wireless app to check for compatibility, or by consulting our Community guidance at How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone .

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Is the 32 Gb before or after the wasted space the dual OS eats up on the phone?


Any manufacturer specification concerning the memory on the phone is the total installed memory and does not account for the OS.

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Hi @gap

Keep in mind both phones support a SD card that can add another 512 GB of storage. :slight_smile:

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I cannot find what that dual OS thing for supposedly faster updates is called. Does that mean Android got rid of it due to customer dissatisfaction, or is it still there? No new phones for me until that waste of RAM is gone.


You may not ever get a new Android phone then. A/B Devices are pretty much the new standard for Android since Android 9. In Android 10 Google added the capability for Dynamic Partitions in A/B devices. Google is continuing to enhance this feature.

It is not just useful for seamless background updates (which is one of the features) but it also provides protection against corruption of the OS partition during updates, and a few other things.


Thanks for the title, so I know how to look for it.

If they can enhance it so it uses half the size that it currently uses, then I’ll buy a new phone to replace the X Pure. Or, they can double the size of RAMS on a phone at no charge, since they’re eating half of it with the OS.

I replaced a 16 GB phone with a 32 GB phone for my wife, and she gained almost no memory. So I have to weekly move all her videos to the onboard SD Card. I chose 32 GB vice 16 GB so I wouldn’t have to do that.


The new dynamic partitions should allow manufacturer to set aside the minimum amount of space necessary and grow the partition later if necessary. Previously they had to set off enough space for future updates without knowing how big they would be causing lots of extra space to be burned. This should allow for smaller partitions.

It think what you’ll end up seeing is that 16GB phones will be gone completely very soon and that 32GB phones won’t be far behind. The base configurations are going to start to be 64GB with 128GB and larger phones being common.

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I’d consider buying a 64 GB fast, but it only shows 32 GB being available. With all the old music I have on my phone, for A2PD in my car, 32 GB is not enough on an A/B Partition phone.


Anyone know if the newest Moto is as good as my Samsung 8+? As fast as, as good a reception, etc. What would I miss if I got a Moto? I’m wanting to know what to get if/when mine dies. Aloha, Kerry

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww :slight_smile:

Please see if this helps you comparing the phones you mentioned:

gsmarena phone comparison

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Thank you. Too confusing. I was hoping for someone’s personal experience between the two.

I would say no. We have an S8+ and we have a Moto Stylus in our household. The S8+ looks, feels and still acts like a flagship (albeit a 2 year old one). The Moto Stylus is decidedly a mid-range phone that doesn’t quite compare.

Thanks Louisdi.

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