Motorola Moto E Can't "Data Freeze"

I have a motorola moto E, “moto version 8.0.23” I use a VPN. Whether is on or off, I’m not able to use the slider button to “data freeze” I kinda looks like it slides over but won’t stay over to keep the data freeze option on. Any advice?

Hi @darrens.safe5v,

Republic’s Data Freeze feature uses a local VPN on the phone to block use of cellular data. It sounds like your VPN app may be interfering. I understand you’ve tried turning the VPN app off. To see if the app might be interfering with Data Freeze nonetheless have you tried uninstalling the VPN app? I’m not necessarily suggesting that as a permanent solution but it would be worth ruling out.

I’ll try it, thanks

Yep, that fixes it if I uninstall the app. So I guess I’m just not able to freeze data if I’m a ProtonVPN user?

now after uninstalling the ProtonVPN app and reinstalling, the data freeze will work BUT disconnects the VPN. I guess this is just how it works. Not very satisfying. Wish there were a way to restrict data by app.

Hello @darrens.safe5v

You might look at the app called NetGuard - no-root firewall:


I’ll check it out …thanks

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  • I have tried NetGuard when another member was having problems … it also uses the internal VPN (which allows the firewalling by app) … AFIK, you can’t have two apps using VPN (either internal, or full external to a VPN tunnel server.)
    This screenshot shows the lock (VPN) as would the RW Data Freeze (once you go to cell)


No Firewall App is going to work any differently than Data Freeze. They all use a local VPN for traffic management and can not be used simultaneously with an actual VPN.

I swerved into a tip I use now, on Motorola E. And it is to pull the battery out for a short time
then replace, then when its ready , just press and hold the lower R button, and it will reboot
and some of the quirky issues will be resolved ! …Monthly is my Reco…hope this info helps.

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