Motorola Moto E3 Power


Will you offer the Motorola Moto E3 Power?


Hi @dennisv.5nqt69,

Community is largely populated by members (like me) doing their best to help other members (like you). Republic staff drops in from time to time but you are unlikely to get an official answer on the Moto E3 Power or any potential future supported phone.

Generally, one may make the request here: Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone. That said, I believe it highly unlikely the E3 Power would ever be supported on Republic. According to specs here; Motorola Moto E3 Power - Full phone specifications, it lacks hardware compatibility with any of Republic’s GSM partner’s 4G LTE bands. It appears to be a phone aimed at the international rather than North American market. It would be crippled (limited to 3G) on North American GSM cellular networks.

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