Motorola moto g⁷ price on Moto website cheaper

Today I am ready to get a Motorola moto g⁷. Since Republic does not have a case, I went to Moto website. Same phone Is on promo for $30 off. Where should I get it?

first thing first with a BYOD SIM one can uses the Moto G7 purchased on Motorola site

buying from Republic will have the SIM card installed
if purchased from Republic then Republic will assist in any warranty claims (the Motorola is the backer of the warranty and if purchased from Motorola you will need to work with Motorola for all warranty claims.

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Thank you. The sale is only until Sunday 8/18. Think Republic will price match?


Republic does not price match,

one can get a BYOD sim card from Republic or amazon (currently only $1 for prime members)

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Thank you again. hagd


The Moto G7 currently only works on GSM or Tmobile cellular coverage. If you currently have a phone that has a GSM SIM card then you can re-use that SIM card on your G7 if it is meant to replace an existing phone.

If you are unsure, you can check the type of your SIM card by opening your RW app

  1. Tap :settingsicon:
  2. Tap on About
  3. Check what it says under SIM type
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You’re the “MAN”, I had this same occurrence when I bought my new Moto G7 Power. Found it a little cheaper at other sites, but decided to go with the one from RW. It came with my SIM card installed, ready to roll, and fully backed by RW. BTW: In my opinion this is the BEST phone on the market today. At about $200 it has by far the biggest and longest battery (3 days easily), an excellent 12 mp camera, a large 6.2" display, and will do anything that the average user will ever need. I use mine constantly and LOVE it!

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