Motorola moto gen 3 ring tones


i have a motorola moto gen 3 that i use mainly for emergencies, it constantly rings from callers I do not know. (soooo annoying)

I want to disable the ringer BUT … have a couple of friends that I set their own ring tones for so I know if they are calling and want to leave those calls ringing.

is there a way to turn off the main ringing and leave friends ringing active?

thanks in advance

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Try setting up Priority mode to only allow alerts from your contacts or favorite contacts:


I will give that a try TYVM

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If you poke around in the contacts app you will find a place where you can set a unique ringtone for each caller.

If you want to create your own ringtones using your own voice or from a music library this is a great app:

It can also be used to record notifications like “You’ve got mail.”

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