Motorola New System Software Available

I’m receiving a request from Motorola to update my Moto G4 Play. Is it legitimate? Are there issues with this update that haven’t been fixed yet?

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I also would like to know answers to this question.

I also have fears about this offer being legitimate. Could it be a way to catch a virus? How do I find out if the offer is real?

The notice starts out by saying, “Is this legitimate? " new system software available npj25.93-14”

Republic Wireless Release Notes

Updated 04/05/2017 - System Update for Moto G4

System Update for Moto G4

*Soak Test Release Date: 04/05/17. *As this update is being progressively deployed, it may take several days before it’s available for everyone.

Description: The Moto SMR includes the following:

  • Build Number: NPJS25.93-14-4
  • March 2017 Android security patch

as with any update it best to at least clear out the phone Clearing the Cache before and after the update

A couple of our G4 Plus phones have updated, no issues noted.

I just got this address and information from “Live Chat.” Hope this helps. I think I’ll go ahead and download the update.…

I downloaded the update and it has literally trashed my phone. Wifi is totally unstable. As a result, I just got an email saying I have less than 25% of my data plan left. This all since this morning. I have reset to factory defaults, but to no avail. I am not happy.

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