Motorola One Action or the Motorola One Zoom

I see that Motorola has some good price reductions for both the Motorola One Action as well as the Motorola One Zoom. I do not see these Motorola phones as being compatible with Republic Wireless, under the “Bring Your Own Phone” check area. Are there any plans to bring these phones onboard, or has Republic Wireless brought them on already, and the website is not current? Just thought that I would ask, as my Moto X is getting close to becoming a thing of the past.

Hi @bc238168-834b-4b3a-b and welcome to the Member Community. I’m just another member with no inside track on RW plans. RW doesn’t really share future plans. Updates are posted as announcements here: Announcements & News - Member Community

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Anything else I say would be conjecture on my part mixed with some hope. Don’t know if anyone else has anything to share. They will certainly jump in if they do!

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