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I see on the Motorola website for carrier compatibility that the new Motorola One Hyper is now supported by Republic Wireless, which it previously didn’t have a check mark next to it.

But when I go to Republic Wireless & check the Bring Your Own Phone Program phone list, it doesn’t have the Hyper listed.

So I am wondering if it IS in fact supported by Republic before purchasing the phone.

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The short answer is no, at least, not yet. At best, this would be a premature announcement on Motorola’s part. Until and unless Republic were to announce support itself, one should presume there is no support.

Should Republic make that announcement in the future, one would see it here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

Thank you for bringing this to the Community’s attention!


I didn’t want to miss out on the sale, so I bought it anyway. It doesn’t work on Republic Network as of today. Shame.

I agree. Republic’s history with Motorola suggests there’s a reasonably good chance that eventually it may be. That is, however, speculation on my part and we don’t know when eventually might be.

Two weeks later…any updates? I’d love to get this phone also while it’s still on sale.

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It’s still not on the list of supported phones. So it won’t work with Republic Wireless at this time and date:

With absolutely no inside information here, but 5 years of history with Republic, I think you’re likely looking at months, not weeks, at least.

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