Motorola Razr Support?

Will RW be able to offer the NEW Razor by Motorola?

Hi @dukewags and welcome to the Member Community! I’m just another member with no inside track on RW plans. RW doesn’t really share future plans. Updates are posted as announcements here:

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Anything else I say would be conjecture mixed with some hope. Don’t know if anyone else has anything to share. They will certainly jump in if they do

  • Why would I want to spend $1200 for a phone with some of the following limitations:
    • Android 10
    • A 2800 mAh battery
    • Only supports the sub-6GHz 5G bands (so I wouldn’t be able to get the full benefit of 5G when Republic/T-Mobile makes it available)
    • WiFi is 802.11ac (WiFi5) while 802.11ax (WiFi6) much faster and is the latest
    • A single main camera?
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I agree with your other points, but T-Mobile will never have any real mmWave coverage worth worrying about… Their 5G rollout is almost entirely concentrated in the low and mid-band space. Here they are talking about it a couple of years ago: T-Mobile says 5G mmWave deployments ‘will never materially scale’

This is why I was exploring about the phone. If there where unknowns. You have pointed some great points. It may not be a good viable for the RW platform.

Why isn’t moto razr 5g supported by RW? I can it unlocked, and it should work on 4G networks when 5G isn’t available.

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