Motorola replaced my Moto X Pure with a Z2 Play - fair exchange?

Motorola sent us a Moto Z2 Play as a replacement for a Moto X Pure.

I didn’t do the research until just now (just got the phone Saturday). I’ve linked the benchmarks for the two phones above. This seems like quite the downgrade in phones. The only improvements are CPU and RAM, but Disk and 2D/3D drop pretty hard.

Can anyone comment? I’m thinking of asking for a better upgrade.

Sounds fair to me. The only other real alternative that might be an improvement (Motorola phone/Republic Wireless compatible) would be a Moto Z3 Play.

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I can’t find any benchmarks on the Z3 play, but it does have a better processor. The camera is unbeatable in the Motorola lineup. The screen as well.

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