Motorola replaced my RW phone but no SIM card

I had a Moto Play phone from RW and it crapped out on me. Motorola just replaced it and I received the phone in the mail but it did not come with a SIM card. Motorola says I should have kept my old SIM card but no one told me to do so. Very aggravating. Will the RW $5 SIM card kit work for my needs?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @melissab.k7gsvt,

It would, however, given the circumstances you relate, please consider raising a help ticket. I’m quite confident, Republic will replace the SIM for you without need for you to purchase. You may raise that ticket here: Republic Help .

first I would create a help ticket and see what Republic says Republic Help

If your phone was set up for the CDMA partner network (Sprint) the SIM needs to come from Republic support to restore it to the CDMA partner (the BYOD SIM will be for the GSM partner network (T-Mobile) at this time)

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