Motorola says Republic supports Moto G Pure

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Motorola Pure
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2 lines - 1 gb ea.
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not compatible? Why? Motorola says they are?

Only those specific models of any phone call out in the following Help Article are supported by Republic Wireless

  • If you have a specific phone and are still unsure of its supportability you can always ask the question of the community.
  • Provide the link to the phone you are considering, or in your case the specific Motorola reference so that it can be checked out and corrected if necessary.
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Hi @kevinb.ckq44m,

Unfortunately, other companies do not understand our compatibility rules. We do not support the Moto G Pure at this time. We support only those phones listed on the link @jben provided.

I will have someone from our leadership team ask Motorola to correct their website.


This is from a Cnet article. 10/14/21

That’s interesting, and I would guess their source was probably a press release from the same Moto team who listed us on their website.

Unfortunately, it does not change the reality that we do not currently support the Moto G Pure.


Hi @kevinb.ckq44m,

Out of curiosity, have you compared the Moto G Pure to the Moto G Play (which Republic does support) The specs on both phones are remarkably similar. I’ll grant the Moto G Pure offers Android 11 and IP52 water resistance. Otherwise, overall, the specs on the Moto G Play look a bit better to me and the difference in cost is $10.

Motorola has a tool for comparing phones on its U.S. website linked here:

Yes I did actually, and because they were so similar, I decided on getting a couple of G Pures. I looked here first, and didn’t see any discussion about the phone yet, but wasn’t expecting any compatibility problems with Republic after seeing Motorola showing the Pure compatible with RW. I also read the Cnet review, and it mentioned RW would be selling them soon. I still have no idea as to why it’s not compatible and would be curious to know the reason(s). I started using Republic back in 2014, but I’m going to keep the phones and have already switched wireless carriers.

Hi @kevinb.ckq44m,

Thank you for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity. Time will tell whether Republic ultimately sells and/or supports the Moto G Pure but it wouldn’t be the first time Motorola has gotten ahead of Republic in deeming a phone compatible.

As to the why, Republic’s service is unique (sufficiently unique to be patented). Republic uses proprietary technology to blend the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of with one of two cellular networks (T-Mobile or legacy Sprint). This blending of networks requires Republic to specifically certify phones as being compatible. Unless and until Republic says otherwise, the Moto G Pure is not compatible with its blended service

Since you mention starting with Republic in 2014 (as did I), you probably remember, at the time, Republic supported, I believe precisely 4 phones because then Republic’s blended service required a modified Android operating system. With the launch of its 3.0 platform in August of 2016, Republic was able to move away from use of a modified Android operating system, however, there’s still more to Republic compatibility than a given phone’s hardware support for one or both of Republic’s cellular network partners.

Now, with Republic’s acquisition by DISH and widespread cellular industry changes (the emergence of 5G, announced sunsets of 3G and 2G technologies), we wait to see what the future holds. Perhaps, one day, Republic will have an opportunity to serve you again.


Everybody is out there marketing (for free) the Moto G Pure on RW.

As @southpaw indicated earlier, all these folks use the same source for their “reporting” which is the mistaken press release from Motorola. At one time reports used to verify information rather than just regurgitate press releases.


Hi @kevinb.ckq44m,

Thanks for sharing those. I notice that they say “in the coming months” and that may very well be the case. I hope you’ll keep an eye on us for an opportunity to bring the phones you bought back to Republic.


Interesting, because the G Pure will be the same phone in a few months as it is now. So it appears to be more of a missed opportunity, than a compatibility issue, but that’s just my perception. I’m certainly no expert in the field. Thank you southpaw.

Hi @kevinb.ckq44m,

We typically need some time to test phones on our network before we add them to our portfolio. It’s not unusual for us to be unable to support a phone as soon as it is released. However, we’re currently seeing a longer-than-usual delay in our approval process. I’ve written about that delay, here: Would Love an RW Phone Compatibility Update (Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, new Motorola phones, new Samsung Phones) - #3 by southpaw


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