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My wife and I both have Moto X4s, and both received notifications to reboot so the latest update can complete. After doing so, text messages started acting strangely. In both cases, our phone numbers seen in Messaging, Settings, Advanced, Phone Number changed. It was easy enough to correct, but I wonder if this was a legitimate upgrade.
Has anybody else seen this problem?

The Android One versions of the Moto X4 have an August security update rolling out now.

Hi @sherwini.1knyhu,

I received the recent update too and noticed zero issues.

Where exactly did you see your # being wrong and where did you change it? I have the same phone, looked at settings but didn’t see where you may have made the change. Thank you.


If you open Messaging (but do not open a conversation), click the 3 dots, then Settings, Advanced, Phone Number.
I noticed the problem when somebody sent a message in one of my groups. My phone set up a new group rather than using the existing group, and listed my phone number as a member. When I sent messages in that new group, I also received a copy of that message – like I was another recipient.

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Thanks for clarification, I now see that Textra has similar setting options.


Hi @cbwahlstrom,

Do you know if the regular US unlocked X4 versions have been getting updates?


I don’t know. According to Motorola they are no longer receiving regular updates, but I’ve seen them slip an update in past the supported date before.

Thanks @cbwahlstrom. Appears there was an advantage to getting the GFi/AO version after all.


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Since manufacturer’s need to provider 3 years of security updates on Android One they often get updates past the “regular” versions.

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