Motorola Stylus

I tried the temporary fix for my Stylus phone and it didn’t work. When will the Motorola fix be ready how would I install it?

Not sure what the problem is that you tried the temporary fix (unknown to the community) … so if you could share a few more details someone might be able to offer additional help

I assume you mean you tried the following?

A permanent fix would likely come from Motorola as an update that would be pushed to your phone.

Hi @allenl,

We’ve been able to 100% replicate the issue by enabling the Google Microphone permissions, and 100% avoid the issue by disabling the Google Microphone permission.

Can you describe in more detail what steps you took and what “didn’t work” looks like?

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My 3 Stylus phones all hangup up continuously on calls and it rings like the other party is calling but they don’t even know that the call was disconnected.

Hi @allenl,

Thanks for the explanation of the issue you are seeing. That does sound exactly like the issue we have defined with the Moto G Power and Stylus. Could you please describe for me in detail what steps you took for the temporary fix. If you could share screenshots as well, that would be very helpful toward our understanding of why the fix isn’t working for you.

I rechecked the setting and the microphone was back on allow! I’m going to try the deny setting again…thank you. Allen

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