Motorola x pure edition

I like this phone however the battery life is horrible and it’s starting to take longer to charge. I’ve had it since 2015 are there better units that republic uses that have better battery life?

The G5+ has good battery life but it doesn’t have NFC in case you use that.

What isNFC

NFC is Near Field Communications. It can be used to transfer stuff from phone-to-phone when both have NFC and is commonly used with apps like Google Pay to pay for stuff when you check out of a store that has a compatible reader. I have it but never use it.

I’m wondering if its time for a new battery it does get heavy use and its three years old

I recommend this company. They had done work on some devices of mine and fair prices…
Note 2200 locations Nationwide

Just watched a video on replacing the battery not complicated however my 61 year old eyes ■■■■ anyone

There is one two Miles from me. I took off the otter box to was really causing the phone to heat up. I hear aluminum cases do the best and dispersing the heat haven’t found one yet that works on the pure.

There’s always the drill and vent the otterbox. Please remove phone first or the battery will not be the only thing new…

I have read the opposite.
Also, metal cases of any kind are prone to cause signal issues.
I had this issues with past phones where I got a nice metal case I really liked, but it cause no signal in some low signal areas, vs having a normal case on.

I bought a cheap leather bill fold type not impressed so far

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