Motorola Z3 Play USB Connection to Windows 10 Computer

I plugged my new phone into my Windows 10 computer via the USB “C” cable provided.
It sees the device, but displayed nothing under it (I have installed a 128gb MicroSD card that I wanted to dump some music to). I went ahead and installed the Motorola Mobile Drivers Installation 6.4.0 which installed the Motorola Device Manager 2.5.4, still nothing. I enabled Developer Mode on the phone, and went into the “Select USB Configuration” and it was set to MTP, but nothing displays in Windows File Explorer under the Z3 Play. When I set it to PTP, magically I can see some directories under the Z3 Play (only picture directories, which is to be expected).
Without removing the USB cable, I can then set it back to MTP and everything is displayed as normal.
When I remove the USB cable and re-insert it goes back to MTP and shows nothing again, I have to change it back to PTP from MTP to see anything under the Z3 Play again. Does anyone know how to fix this problem (other than a Macrodroid macro to switch it to PTP). Thanks!

I noticed if I pull down and go to the Gear (settings), click on “Connected Devices”, “USB”, it is set to “charging device”. I can then set it to “Transfer Files” and all is well too. I guess this is the way it is supposed to work. Charge by default, then if you want to move files, switch it to that. I just don’t remember it being that way on my Moto X1.
Thanks again.

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yes this is now the default way to connect to a computer Google add this as a security item (it make sure you unlock the phone before connecting to a computer so someone who can not get in to you phone would not be able to get in.)

This behavior started with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

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Perfect! Exactly what I needed to transfer pics for my new Moto X4 without using just google photos. Thanks so much!


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