Motorola Z4 and Moto 5G Mod

If I got the 5G Moto Mod for my Motorola Z4, would it work with Republic Wirelesss – either now or sometime in the future? Does RW access any Verizon cell towers?

Also, What is the difference between 4G and LTE?

Right now the 5G Mod only works with Verizon and RW does not have native cellular access to Verizon.

Future…who knows…but short term future seems unlikely…since DISH signed a big agreement with AT&T…so they will try to get people to use as much of it as feasible. We should know more on short order once the new plans are revealed in December.

You may find this useful to learn more about the 4G/LTE terminology

No, it is a Verizon exclusive accessory.


LTE is a 4G technology. They’re the same thing although some phones may indicated 4G instead of LTE in cases where they’re on an older, faster 3G network.

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