Motot x pure dropping wifi on nougat


My phone is dropping wifi while idle - the wifi radio is still on however my phone will drop to only cell service even though I live where the signal isnt strong enough to make/receive calls - when I pick up my phone and see its on cell and swipe it open it will immediately connect again to the republic (wifi) network without me having to do anything - so the issue is I will not receive texts, phone calls or even voicemails from the calls i missed until I check my phone - this started happening after I upgraded to nougat

I have already put in a ticket a week ago but at this point I feel like they are just having me try random things because nothing is working

things I have tried so far at the request of RW tech support

  1. From the phone please dial: * # * # 8647 # * # *
  2. double-check that the WiFi is set to stay on during sleep
  3. cache partition wipe
  4. Factory Reset
  5. check your router for any available firmware update (was already up to date)
  6. set the Republic Wireless app to not prioritize battery optimization
  7. toggle the WiFi sleep settings to never then back to always to refresh the setting and get it working better

I have asked several times about a way to revert to my old android and they never answer - so Im guessing you can’t

figured Id post this here hoping somebody else maybe has gone through this will see it


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