MotoX-2 continually drops WiFi

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My Moto X series 2 continually drops WiFi. Hence, my bill is almost twice what it usually is.
I have been with you close to 10 years I believe. Also, when I pick up the phone and touch an icon for say, Snapchat the phone goes off. Motorola starts rebuilding its site.

Hello @nicholasa.ik35t5,

WiFi dropping, apps failing and needing rebuilding and a phone from 2014…

My guess would be the battery. :thinking:

But maybe others in the Community have thoughts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could be anything. The phone it at least twice its expected life and four times how long the average smartphone is kept and it failing is entirely expected at this point.

Or it could be your WiFi? See

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I think we need to know more about what @nicholasa.ik35t5 means by dropping WiFI? If he simply means the phone is disconnecting from a single WiFi network, that’s one thing.

If he means the WiFi toggle on the phone is turning itself off, that’s a classic sign of failing WiFi on older Moto phones. If this is the case, a factory reset risks permanently disabling the phone on cellular as well as WiFi. Clearing the caches and pruning storage would be non-destructive.

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I think you may be the battery fading.
Now another question. Does this model phone work on 3 & 4G networks. I ask because I read that I believe 2 & 3 G are being dropped by the major carriers.
Thank you. Nick A

The Moto X2 works for cell data on 4G networks. For calling, it relies on 2G or 3G networks and, therefore, has a relatively short life remaining. T-Mobile, who now owns Sprint’s legacy network (the network your Moto X2 relies upon for cellular coverage), has said it will shut down Sprint’s legacy network as of March 31, 2022.

No matter what, you’re looking at the need for a new phone in the not too distant future. That said, March 31, 2022 is still far enough away that it might be worth attempting clearing the caches and pruning storage as suggested by @jben for the short run.

Otherwise, if not previously aware of it, I suggest reading through this topic:

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