Motox 2nd gen about phone

I cannot remember where to find the information about my phone. The place I am talking about tells the gb and other technical information about the phone.

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en!

Go to “Settings”, then scroll all the way down to “About Phone” and tap on it. That will give you some information about your device. If you want further information, tap the “Status” option. It doesn’t tell the storage capacity, but that can be found under the “Storage” tab (under the “Device” menu). Is that the information you were looking for?


The problem is when I go to setting there is no about phone.

It says



I clicked on both but no “about” phone

And no about phone. I do not use a screen lock

No status option when I go to setting. See my post above

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en!

It sounds like you may be looking in the wrong app. Go into your apps menu and tap the icon that looks like this:


No when I go in to the apps and click setting I still see the same thing as above

It says Google Settings Then clickable Account and Services. I have click on both and nothing “about” phone

Google setting is a different app. It should just be Settings or you can pull down the notification shade twice and the settings icon is on the top right. Also you can just type settings in the google search bar on your home screen.

Typing in search worked! Thank you so much!

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