MotoX-4 charging problem

Thank you for your help. I have no problem charging the MotoX-4 in my home with the electric wall plug - it charges on “turbo-boost” and works very fast.
However, if I take the cord to my car USB port to charge while driving, nothing happens it just sits there and doesn’t charge - the icon looks like its charging, but over time the phone is loosing charge.
Do I need a different USB cord, or could I have faulty USB port in the car?
FWIW, the car is a 2013 Toyota, Avalon - 35,000 miles, in excellent condition.
I used to charge my old MotoG just fine in this car.

Unfortunately the answer is there is nothing wrong with either. The new phones are more power hungry than the old phones and the 500mA that the car USB port puts out isn’t enough to even keep up with the phones power usage. Unless you’re using the port for something like Android Auto you’ll want to get a plug-in car charger (that uses the cigarette lighter) in order to provide enough power to charge your phone in the car.


Thanks ever so much louisdi - mystery solved. I’ll get one of those plugin car chargers.


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