MotoX1 replacement

What would be a good replacement for MotoX1 or E4 on the used market? I know the X1 would require change in the service.

Hi @hossie,

In order for the Community to give you good advice, you may have to let us know what’s most important to you when selecting a phone. What do you use your phone for most of all, and what matters most (and least) as far as features and functions?

Southpaw, I can’t answer that question as I would be replacing my daughter’s E4 and I would then exchange my X1 with hers. Just think a Moto phone would be easier to learn, and I would be buying used if possible. Stimulus already allocated🤗

Hi @hossie, :slight_smile:

While I understand your desire for a used phone to save money, I think you would be much better served and get better value with a new moto g play for $149. (or something like it)

A used phone will have a degraded battery, an old operating system and NO one year warranty. :confused:

A new phone will have all those!
(Just my 2 cents if this was my decision to make) :wink:



If your daughter doesn’t like learning new things, then you’d want to stick with a Moto or consider a Pixel. The interface on the Samsung phones is very different.

Personally, I think @SuperT has a point about buying new instead of used.

Are you replacing her E4 just so you can upgrade from your X1, or is she having any specific trouble with it?

Let us know what you decide. The Old Community Treasure Chest has a few overstock cases of phones that are no longer in our online store, so I would be glad to send you an Otterbox Achiever to dress up that hand-me-down E4, and I’ll be glad to see what we might have if you decide on a used phone for your daughter, as well.

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Thank so much for the quick response to my request. Her phone is fine, but mine is getting pretty old. I see her memory is running a little low, but working fine. A fresh start would be good. I’m looking up reviews on the G play. The Otterbox Achiever would be great for the E4. Thanks again. I love my Republic experience…


Thanks so much, Southpaw! I’m ordering the Moto G Play today for my daughter. I’m sure she’ll be ok with it. Would appreciate the Otterbox or anything else that’s free🤗

Hi @hossie,

I’ll be in touch by personal message, probably early in the week, about the otterbox.

I say:

  1. Pay your bill in advance and save 2 months fees.
  2. Try another service provider and realize the taxes and fees are $8-23 a month alone above your rate.
  3. Get a pixel. They are great!!! Screens are tough as heck. Super simple to use and they do so much more for you.
    Unlocked used 4xl is $200-300. They make Republic wireless experience amazing especially if you have been with them a while and have been saving hundreds of dollars using the Moto series phones.

It’s not rocket science folks. :wink:

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
~ Confucius

We’ve been with republic since 2013. Using Moto phones until a year ago.
We’ve saved over $15,000.
I’ve invested this money and it pays for our phones now.

“Just do it” ~ Nike

“Plan your work and work your plan” ~ Napolean Hill

Thanks for the information, but I’ve already ordered a Moto G Play and trust it will do the job. If not I’ll probably give your idea a try.

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