MotTo X (1st gen) Speaker not working

What phone do you have? motto x 1st gen

What plan are you on? Base plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk and text

Issue Description

Yesterday i replaced my motto x screen/digitizer then activated the phone and now the front speaker doesn't work. we have tried resetting the speaker and clearing data from apps. Any suggestions on what to do next?

Hi @jacobw.bxoc0t!

Did the speaker work before the repair? To eliminate any software issues, I would try clearing the cache from the boot menu and, if that fails, try resetting the phone (after all the data is backed up). It sounds to me like there is a loose connection, the speaker isn’t connected at all, or the part is damaged/bad. Maybe try pulling the screen off and checking the connections with the speaker. You may even be able to pull the ear speaker off of the old assembly and put it on the new one (if you replaced the entire front).


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Thank you i have already cleared caches. I will try checking connections later, and then if that doesn’t worn I will factory reset it.

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Ok. Let us know what happens! Did you replace the entire front assembly or just the screen?

The entire front part.
I took the front/back cover from one phone that wouldn’t turn on (from water damage, so there is a possibility that it ruined the speaker too) and the circuit board from another that had a shattered screen. Put them together and everything is working except the ear speaker. hoping that redoing the connections or factory resetting it will fix the problem.

Also do you know where the front speaker connector is?

It’s in step 41 here.


Ok Thank you


I took the phone apart again and found a double sided sticker right above where it was connected and it disconnected the speaker. So I plugged it back in and it works now! Thank you so much for your help!!!


Awesome! Glad you are up and running!

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