Move current GSM Sim?

Not sure this is the right place for this question, but here I go:

I damaged the screen on my Samsung A21. It still works, but ain’t pretty. Rather than pay > $200 to have a screen replaced, I thought I could go to Swappa and buy a used unlocked S9 and relocate my RW GSM SIM into the replacement phone, then have RW activate the “new” phone. Can RW do this in their current diminished state, or should I tough it out with an ugly screen until Happy Days are here again?

Thanks in Advance…

If you have a GSM SIM card in your current phone, you can move it to another compatible model without a problem (just open the Republic app and follow any activation prompts). Nothing has changed about that during this transition.


Make sure this phone is a factory unlocked S9, not a carrier-unlocked S9. The model number needs to be SM-G960U1. The “1” is very important.