Move from Defy XT to Moto G4 Play


How do I move my stuff from a Defy XT to a Moto G4 Play? The directions on the Moto G4 Play said to find the Google Settings button on my Defy and make a selection that wasn’t an option.


Hi @frankj.j3va9k

The Defy XT is a pretty old phone. Google has over the years built tools in the newer phones to help move files for example but the Defy being so old is missing these newer functions.

What are you looking to try to move?

For your contacts, calendar, etc, you should see if it is synced to your Google account. If Google has it in sync, it will also carry over to the new phone. You can also use the export function to create a backup file on the SD card where you can then pull off onto your computer.

You can check the SD card for files such as your photos and other personal documents.


If I remember correctly:

Go to Settings
Tap on Accounts
Tap on Google
Tap on your Email address
Check the boxes you want to sync with Google.
Once sync is completed - it may take awhile - then you’re ready to import to new phone.

You can move your photos by way of a computer or if you don’t have a lot you can store them in Drive. Drive app should be on your phone. If not, you can get it here:

For information on how to move photos to computer:


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