Move GSM SIM from Moto G4 to BYOP Moto G5 Plus?


I just bought a Moto G5 Plus (XT1687) on sale at Amazon (non-Prime model) to replace my Moto G4 “Ghost Touch” special. I got the G4 from RW last year; it has a GSM SIM. As I understand, when I get the new G5 Plus, I can load the RW app from the Play store, go through some setup, and then somewhere in the process I physically move the SIM from the G4 to the G5 Plus. I want to make sure that’s accurate and I don’t need a new SIM to make this work. The objective of course is to move my current RW number and service to the new phone.
Thanks for any help! Maybe it’s just me, but it seems it’s not as easy (possible?) to just chat with RW help to ask a question.



Hi @TheLanMan,

Bottom line is what you propose should work and I’ve moved an active GSM SIM from one Republic phone to another myself. I’d suggest going through Google setup on the G5+ and installing or updating the Republic app. I’d then shut the phone off, move the SIM from your G4, then restart and proceed with activation of the G5+. Basically, the G5+ should see the activated SIM from your G4 and “activate”.

In the event it doesn’t work (unlikely), you’ll need a new BYOP SIM and then follow the official process described here: Activate | Republic Wireless.



Just to add to what @rolandh said, you will need to punch out the rest of the SIM card as the G5 Plus requires a nano SIM whereas the G4 required the Micro SIM (larger size).



Thanks rolandh! Just what I wanted to know.



Thanks also mb2x! I understand, that should help.


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