Move number to another be state

Can I move my number to another state?

Hi @dave19,

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, so please let me know if I don’t seem to be providing the information you need.

If you move to another state, you can take your phone and keep right on using it with the same phone number. I have a daughter in Colorado and one in Ohio, both with the same North Carolina cell phone numbers they got nearly 10 years ago.

In this day of people doing away with landlines and having just a cell phone, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to keep their phone number when they move to a new state. The only people who will care that you have an out-of-state number will likely be people in your new area who still have to pay “long distance” fees to call your out-of-state number.


I moved from NC to FL and kept my same NC number. To solve the problem of long distance charges to my FL acquaintances, I got a MagicJack phone with a local FL number and forwarded it to my NC number. It’s cheap and MagicJack often has pay-in-advance sales where for multiple years it’s even much cheaper. 'Works just fine and has since Dec. 2007. Only challenge is making sure I let my land line FL acquaintances know what my FL number is and that they can use that in lieu of my NC number which shows up in their caller-ID.

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