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in the process of getting my wife a new phone somehow in the activation process i did not see the prompt about the phone number and her phone was given a new number. we want to keep the old number and turn her phone off but can not figure out how to to do that. I have tried many things but can not figure it out .her new phone has been activated with a new number already.

Hi @howardj and welcome to the Community!

As a starting point, we need to confirm, the old number is currently on another Republic phone? That is, your wife’s old number is not currently active with another service provider?

the old phone is a motog the number is■■■■■■■■■■■■■■the new phone is a moto g7 the number is■■■■■■■■■■■■■we do not want the new number just the old one and turn the old phone off

at this point both phones are active

Hi @howardj,

I understand the goal, however, unwinding this is going to be a bit of a process I suggest we take one step at a time. Meanwhile, please don’t attempt to share personally identifiable information like phone numbers. You’ve posted your dilemma in Republic’s Community, which is a public Internet forum. We can help and don’t need personal info to do so.

The next step is cancelling service to the new unwanted number on your wife’s new phone. Here’s how:

The request to cancel may result in a ticket being created for you. If so, please share the ticket number (nothing more) here and we’ll ask that be expedited for you.

Once the unwanted number is cancelled, we’ll focus on getting your wife’s current Republic number to her new phone.

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the new phone is in my wifes name her old phone is under my name

it is a new account in her name i did that not knowing what i was doing

Hi @howardj,

I do understand that. First, you need to cancel service to the new account you inadvertently set up for your wife. Then, we can walk you through reactivating your wife’s new phone and moving her current number using your account.

If all this sounds like too much bother, the alternative is opening a ticket and working with Republic staff directly.

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i will try thanks

i have it cancelled

Hi @howardj,

Just to confirm, cancellation has completed? If you open the Republic app on your wife’s new phone, it’s suggesting you “Get Activated”. Please don’t do so just yet, I just want to be certain we’re on the same page.

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yes it says get activated now

Hi @howardj,

Thank you for the confirmation! Then, that’s exactly what we shall do. The key is when presented the opportunity that you sign in using your Republic account (the one housing your wife’s phone). Signing in using your account will give you the option of selecting to move your wife’s phone number. Republic’s guidance is linked here:


i am in the process it seems i already have her old number on the new phone thank you so much for your help


Hi @howardj,

My pleasure! Should future questions arise, I hope you’ll feel comfortable bringing them to the Community!


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