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Hi, I have 2 phones Rep. Wires currently. One unlocked Moto G w /SIM card, another not unlocked Samsung A11. I’m going to transfer number from A11 to the different provider and move number from Moto G to Samsung. Any suggestions?
Thanks Michael

Hi @michaelb.hsve4x,

What is the generation of the Moto G, please? If uncertain, please sign into your Republic account here: Under the picture representing the Moto G, what, if anything, is said for its generation? We do not need the Device ID.

Was the referenced Samsung Galaxy A11 purchased from Republic? If so, as an aside, it is factory unlocked. All newer Republic compatible phones are factory unlocked variants.

Once we know the generation of the Moto G, we would be able to best advise on the path forward.

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Thank you, Its seems I don’t knw about generation (only is known was purchased 4 years ago in best buy, Samsung Galaxy A11 from Republic Wireless a few month ago. If A11 is factory unlocked is it possibly to replace Sim card?

If you’ll be kind enough to sign into your Republic account as suggested in my initial response, the answer as to the Moto G’s generation would be found there.

Possibly, however, knowing the generation would help us best help you.

Sorry, how could I find out the generation?

Click here:

Under the picture for the Moto G, please quote the words above the Device ID.

ok, device ID■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■


Hi @michaelb.hsve4x,

Not the Device ID itself, the words above the Device ID and under the picture.

could you see the numbers?

No, and that’s intended to protect your privacy. It isn’t the Device ID numbers I’m asking about. It’s the words on the line above that.

Only" Republic Supported Phone"

model G4

My apologies, you did say the phone was purchased at Best Buy, so “Republic Supported Phone” is what one should see. In this case, it’s sufficient information but knowing it’s a Moto G4 helps.

One more question for you, is the G4’s SIM GSM or CDMA? Here’s how to tell:

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it’s GSM

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Hi @michaelb.hsve4x,

Thank you for all the additional context!

The first step is to transfer the number currently on the Galaxy A11 out to the new service provider. Republic offers guidance for that linked here:

Once the transfer is complete, Republic will notify you by email and the Galaxy A11 would become available to receive the G4’s number. The transfer process may take longer than the new provider suggests. For more on that, please see here:

The transfer must complete before moving the number from the G4 to the Galaxy A11 is possible. To do so, move the SIM from the G4 to the Galaxy A11. Next, open Republic’s mobile app on the Galaxy A11. Republic’s app will present a brief activation sequence moving service (number and plan) from the G4 to the Galaxy A11, You’ll need to resize the G4’s SIM by punching out the smaller nano size from the micro frame before moving it. A graphic follows:

Please let us know if you need anything else.


Great! I got all information you provided. Very appreciate you help. Thank you.

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