Move Pictures and Music


I have migrated from a MOTO X (gen 1) to a MOTO 4e. How do I move my pictures and music from the old phone to the new phone microSD card? Sorry for my lack of knowledge.


best advice


Thanks for the info. I have pictures stored on my windows desktop. Can I transfer these to my MOTO 4e via a USB cable? Hopefully to the SD card.


Hi @jimh.bmpdi6,

I’m sorry to see no one from our Member Community ever replied to your follow-up question! Did you give it try? Moving data from the computer to the phone with a data cable would be one way to go about it. Were you able to get your new phone all set up like you wanted it?

How are you liking the E4 so far? What do you think of it in comparison to the X1?


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