Move SIM card from Nexus 6p to Moto X4



My wife has a Nexus 6p that we purchased through RW store but is now showing the battery failure that these phones have become infamous for. I see the Moto X4 in the RW store for $399 but can purchase it from Amazon for $249. Can I purchase the X4 from Amazon and then just transfer the SIM card from her Nexus 6p to the X4 and save $150 on the phone? RW site says BYOP isn’t available in my area (though I used it for my son’s Nexus 5x back at end of 2016) so can’t seem to easily go that route.

If not, can we get some love in the RW store for the reduced price on the X4? Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?


New phone old sim card

You might be able to transfer the SIM card. Take a look at it and if the word “Republic” is printed all in grey lettering you will need to purchase a new SIM card.

If the “public” portion is printed in green, you can transfer that SIM to the new phone.

The BYOP message you are seeing usually means that the GSM carrier does not have good coverage in your area. You can still order the phone through Amazon, and if you need a new SIM, Amazon carriers the Republic Wireless SIM as well. It will be the GSM SIM (same as in Republic’s online store). Then after you have the phone activated open a help ticket and request a CDMA (Sprint) SIM card for the new phone. There is no other way to get this card without ordering the phone directly through Republic.


Thanks, that sounds promising. I’ll take a look at the SIM tonight.



If you haven’t already ordered the Prime bloated version, newegg has the X4 avalble today for $270. No sales tax to many states. You need to arrow through the deals and there’s a promo code you should see in the link. .



Just to follow-up, the public is indeed in green on her existing phone. I ended up ordering the X4 directly from Motorola at a significant discount over RW store price. It will be delivered early next week. I’ll post a final follow-up once it arrives and the SIM is moved over.


Final follow-up. Phone arrived yesterday, moved SIM card from old 6p to X4, booted it up. It added the RW app automatically and activated after only a few short minutes. Simple. Thanks for the quick response.


Thanks for the update, and glad it all went well. Hope she enjoys the new phone.


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