Move SIM Card to New Phone?


I just ordered a new Pixel 2XL (unlocked, directly from Google). When it arrives I should be able to simply move the RW SIM from my Nexus 6P to the Pixel and be good to go, right?



Maybe. On the 6P open the Republic App, hit the gear at the top, then about. If under “SIM Type” it says GSM, you can just move it. If it says “CDMA” you can’t. If that’s the case come back here and we can figure out next steps.

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On some phones, you will find the SIM type listed in the section labeled ‘About’ in the Phone Info section.



Oh. Yeah. I should have remembered that! I have a Sprint CDMA SIM card. I suppose I’ll have to get a GSM Sim from RW, activate with that SIM, and submit a ticket to RW Support to have a CDMA Sim provisioned for me?

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Yes you have the procedure right, here is a link to the requirements/method of How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

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Thanks to all for the quick replies. @southpaw saw the post and invited me to be part of testing a new process of activating the CDMA card initially. She will be sending me both an activated CDMA card and a GSM card (as a fail-safe in case the CDMA card doesn’t work).

This is actually a bit of Deja Vu. Back when I got my Nexus 6P, and again, at @southpaw’s suggestion, I was one of the first to do a remote CDMA activation via the “GSM SIM first, then CDMA SIM” process. Nice to see that RW continues to perfect the process.

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Just thought I’d close this loop by saying that the pre-activated CDMA SIM worked perfectly, so didn’t need to do the GSM SIM first. Kudos to the RW techs for getting this to work and to @southpaw for allowing me to be part of the testing process!



I don’t believe the CDMA SIM you tested was pre-activated. You activated it using the Republic app on your phone, no? My understanding is Republic is testing direct CDMA activation for bring your own phones but those SIMs are generally no more pre-activated than a GSM SIM.

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Ok. Wrong choice of words. But the bottom line is that I didn’t have to activate with a GSM SIM before activating with the CDMA SIM. Saved me time and hassle, so I’m a happy camper!


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