Move text msgs and calendar items

I have a new 6P phone. The apps for text messaging and Google calendar did not roll over from Moto X, neither did any messages or calendar items!! HELP! Is there a way to capture them on my Moto X and bring them over to the 6P?

Hi @elainem.t18mtu,

The referenced apps themselves won’t move from your Moto X to the Nexus 6P. There should be equivalent apps already on the 6P.

Calendar items synced to your Google account should sync back to the 6P presuming you’re using the same Google account on the 6P you were using previously on the Moto X. Do you see the calendar items on your Moto X when signed into your Google account from a computer at

Moving text message threads from your Moto X to the 6P will require an app. I’ve used this one: SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play.

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