Moved from X2 to S7, could use some tips for understanding the differences

Thanks…is there a wiki or post for settings in general on different phones? For example, the wifi calling setting on my S7 says disabled, and it wouldn’t let me set it to enabled. I don’t know if that’s a RW app thing or not. I also don’t see the RW icon at the top of the screen…am I supposed to?

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This topic was split off from Voicemails from the call log so we could fully explore the idea of differences between our 2.0 and 3.0 phones.

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I don’t have any Samsung phones so I cannot answer. Hopefully someone with an S7 can chime in.


Hi @greyh.cc67xy,

Would you like me to move your post to its own topic, specific to the S7, so those with that phone would be more likely to see it?

What about just a general discussion of Android settings for RW 3.0? because coming from a 2.0, there’s a lot different. Even the little arc symbol on your picture…I was previously taught that meant something. Should it be on my phone?

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Hi @greyh.cc67xy,

I’ve moved your post to create a new conversation. Let’s see if some of our 3.0 users can chime in on some of the differences between our 2.0 and 3.0 phones.

You’ve mentioned you’re not seeing the arc. If you toggle Wi-Fi off and back on, does it not appear? It should be in the notification tray unless you swipe away all your notifications, then it will be swiped away with them, but will come back next time the Wi-Fi state changes. (See: Republic Wireless Arc - Notification Changes)

Now, if you toggle it off and back on, and still don’t see it, there may be a setting to adjust.

As for the Wi-Fi calling setting on the S7 being disabled, I believe that’s because the S7’s innate Wi-Fi calling would conflict with our Wi-Fi calling.

You’ve made several changes - you’ve changed from the Republic Wireless 2.0 app to the Republic Wireless 3.0 app. You’ve moved up several Android versions. And you’ve changed from a Motorola phone to a Samsung phone. I can understand why you’re feeling a bit disoriented!

Let us know if the RW arc re-appears when you toggle Wi-Fi.

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nope, no arc at all anywhere. And I know I’m connected to wifi - I’ve downloaded 100 apps and only used 17MB of cell data.

Hi @greyh.cc67xy,

I’m going to assume you’ve installed the Republic Wireless app.

Let’s see if the notification is disabled.

Open the Settings app.
Tap Apps
Tap Republic Wireless
Tap Notifications
Make sure Allow notifications is toggled on (blue and to the right).
Press the Home button to exit the Settings app.
Open the Republic app.
Tap the Settings gear :settingsicon: at top right
Tap Advanced Settings
Make sure Show the Republic notification is checked.

Any luck?

yes thanks. The first half of your instructions was what did it.

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Great! I’m glad you have the arc again. Do you have other questions about switching from the X2 to the S7?

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