Moved, poor service, no bars

I moved and my service is very poor in my new home, low bars to none. Is there anything I can do?

Hi @susanh.s5tcbt,

There may be. To make the determination, we’ll need some additional information from you.

As starting points, may we know the brand, model and generation of the phone you’re using with Republic? May we also know the new zip code (nothing more) where service is not so good?


Phone: Moto G7 Power (32 GB)
Android version: 9
Service plan: Clear Choice Talk and Text + 1 GB Cell Data
Original zip: 14626
New zip: 49690

The next question is what the SIM type [GSM or CDMA] of your phone
Open the republic app go to setting tap [:gear:] and then tap about it will be listed under your number

Then I would open a ticket to request the other type and see it that improves your coverage

I will note that upper lower Michigan is not great for either carrier partner (GSM = T-Mobile, CDMA = Sprint), and if the new SIM does not improve your coverage you may be looking at changing provider to one that uses AT&T, or Verizon which has better coverage up there

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