Moving a Current Republic SIM When Upgrading to a New Compatible Phone

A frequently asked question here in the Community is whether it’s possible to move a current Republic SIM to a new Republic compatible phone.

If you purchased your new phone from Republic’s online store, a SIM is already preinstalled. Please know it is not necessary to physically move one’s current SIM to move one’s Republic number from old to new phone. Since Republic has done the work of preinstalling a new SIM for you, it’s best practice to move your current number during activation of the preinstalled SIM. It’s much easier than fumbling around with moving a current SIM. Once past initial setup on the new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), please follow Republic’s guidance to activate the preinstalled SIM and move your current number linked here: How to Activate a Replacement Phone – Republic Help. If bringing a new Republic compatible phone sourced elsewhere, please read on.

Legacy Republic Phone to New Republic Compatible Unlocked (a/k/a 3.0) Phone

If your current Republic phone is a legacy phone (Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), the answer is no (some of these phones don’t even have a SIM to move). As Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones, to help us better help you and if you’re comfortable doing so, please share your zip code (nothing more).

Current Republic Phone to New Republic Compatible Unlocked (a/k/a 3.0) Phone

For all other Republic compatible phones, the answer is maybe. Some SIMs move from phone to phone, others are phone specific and do not. Please take the following steps on the phone you wish to move the SIM from:

  1. Open the Republic App
  2. Tap the gear icon upper right
  3. Tap About
  4. Under the Phone Info section, your phone’s SIM type will be listed (GSM or CDMA)

If the SIM is GSM, it will move to a new compatible phone Once past initial setup on the new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), power the new phone down and move the SIM. Next, power the new phone back on then be certain Republic’s mobile app is installed or updated. Finally, open Republic’s app. If presented with an “activation” sequence, complete that. If your phone does not prompt you to restart, restart it manually. Service (number and plan) will move from old to new phone.

If the SIM is CDMA and you’re comfortable sharing, may we please know your zip code and we’ll provide further insight.

A Word About SIM Size

Presuming you’ve determined your SIM will move and if moving the SIM from a Moto G4 series phone; you would need to size the SIM down from micro to nano size. Republic SIMs are designed to be universal in terms of size, so doing so is a simple matter of punching out the smaller nano size from the micro frame:

I suggest hanging onto the micro frame should you decide to keep a Moto G4 series phone as an emergency backup. Should the need to return to a G4 series phone arise, it would be possible to snap the nano size SIM back into the micro frame.

Republic offers some documentation here: Is It Okay to Swap SIM Cards Between Phones? – Republic Help

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sim card is CDMA. zip code 22973
Moto G5 plus to a Samsung S10+
can I just move sim card to new phone?

Hi @dorothyk.qgfzry and welcome to the Community!

No, unlike their GSM cousins, active CDMA SIMs do not move from one phone to the next. Looking at GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage in and around the zip code you were kind enough to supply, you definitely should stick with CDMA (Sprint network) coverage?

Have you verified the Galaxy S10+ in question meets Republic’s compatibility requirements noted here: Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless? If not, the easiest way to confirm compatibility would be installing Republic’s mobile app on the Galaxy S10+.

If compatibility is already confirmed or once that’s done, here’s how to ask for a new CDMA SIM for the Galaxy S10+:

Sim card is CDMA
Zip code 27407
Moto G4 to a pixel 2
It doesn’t appear that I can swap SIM cards between these two phones.
Should I order a new CDMA or new GSM?

Hi @andreas.3mpw1k and welcome to the Community!

Generally, CDMA SIMs are phone specific and, unlike their GSM cousins, indeed can’t be swapped from one phone to the next.

According to the coverage maps either of Republic’s network partners offers good coverage in and around the referenced zip code. The GSM network is T-Mobile. The CDMA network is Sprint. Though T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, the networks remain separate.

The fastest and least expensive way to purchase a Republic GSM SIM is at Amazon where it’s $1:

If your experience tells you Sprint’s network is better than T-Mobile’s in your area, for technical reasons, Republic does not make its CDMA SIM available for direct public sale. Here’s how to request a CDMA SIM from Republic:

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Thanks for your help!


My SIM is GSM. Should be able to just swap to my next compatible phone based on what I’m reading, right?

Zip is 98118

Galaxy S9 to Galaxy S20 FE

Yes… no problem.


Zip code is 04469 and SIM is CDMA. I was planning to switch from a Moto G4 to Pixel 2. Is a new 3.0 CDMA SIM card recommended? Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @matthewr.5x7g3f and welcome to the Community!

In the immediate Orono area GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage looks reasonably robust. That said, one need not wander too far from the immediate Orono area before GSM coverage significantly deteriorates.

So, yes unless you’re unhappy with the coverage on the Moto G4, I would suggest asking for a new CDMA SIM for the Pixel. Here’s how:

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Thanks so much for quick reply!

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