Moving a republic SIM to a new unlocked phone

I have a Moto X Pure Edition, and can get a new Moto X4 at a fairly attractive price. Can I move my SIM from the Pure Edition to the X4 without issues and start using the new phone?


this depends on which partner the Moto X Pure is on, as swapping phone by swapping SIM is a GSM feature so if GSM then yes you can if CDMA you will need a BYOD SIM (and if CDMA coverage is needed you will need to open a ticket and request one after activation


The phone is a Republic phone and is a CDMA phone.

then you will need to get a GSM BYOD SIM card
and if the coverage of GSM is not as good as CDMA request a CDMA SIM (the CDMA SIM in the Moto X Pure {cSIM} is not compatible with the Moto X4 {iSIM})

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I was under the impression that Republic piggy backs on Spring, which is a CDMA service. Am I mistaken? If so, then how do I assess whether CDMA or GSM is better for me?

Not so much mistaken and more a matter of things have changed. Since 2016, Republic has had the ability to provision phones with one of two cellular network partners. One partner is indeed Sprint whom you correctly say operates a CDMA network.

Republic’s other network partner operates a GSM network that due to contractual obligations Republic does not identify. That GSM partner does claim “America’s fastest LTE network”.

Presuming you’re happy with the coverage on your X Pure, I suggest starting by determining which partner it’s provisioned for cellular coverage with. Here’s how: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Otherwise, you might check out Republic’s maps:



The good news is an X4 can work on either though getting it to CDMA when sourced elsewhere takes some extra effort as previously described by @drm186.


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