Moving Apps' Cahce to SD Card?


I have a Moto E (8gb, 2nd gen) phone on Republic Wireless 2.0 plan. Unfortunately I keep running out of storage due to some apps using a lot of cache. For apps like Chrome, I can always manually clear the cache if I get a “low storage” warning. However, some apps require using the cache for installing extra (required) content after the app has already been installed from Google Play.

For example, “Yu-Gu-Oh! Duel Links” requires downloading a lot of extra files on its first run before it can be played. I installed this app from Google Play, moved it to my SD card, and then ran the app and it began downloading the extra required files. Even though the app itself is on the SD card, it is still downloading the extra content to the phone’s internal storage. Is there a way I can force app’s data/cache directory to be on the SD card instead of the phone’s internal storage?

From this StackExchange post it looks like it may be possible, but it requires root. I’d like to avoid rooting my phone because even though RW allows it, I won’t be able to upgrade the RW apps after root (if I recall correctly).

So, is there anyway to force an app’s data/cache to be stored on the SD card without root on our phones? I think this would be a useful feature for member’s with low storage phones. If its not possible now, could any RW employees comment on the feasibility of adding this feature to RW phones so user could do it without root?


See this blog by fellow user @carlh Make the most of your phone’s available storage

FYI, all the E/G/X’s that were made available and were supported on Sprint and original plans are at their max OS levels, and the hybrid OS will not be updated by Republic


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