Moving calendar information to a new phone

How do I save/move calendar information to new phone ?

currently have Moto G 1st Gen.

The easiest way is to use the Google Calendar app on both phones and sync both phones to the same Google account.

If the new phone is not a Motorola, you may have a different Calendar app but you should still be able to sync it.

Both are motorola.
Any instructions available to sync to google account ?

initiate from google or phone ?


Your G1 should already have an account. If you open the Settings app and scroll down to Accounts do you see one?

ETA: Here is a link to a help center document on this:

Yes, I see one…

but, I don’t see a ‘sync’ function.

My phone seems to be syncing with my google email account.

Hi @vincents.tl594f,

If you use a computer to log into with the same Gmail address used on your phone, do you see your calendar content?

Yes I do…

Then it sounds like the old phone is syncing correctly with the calendar.

Have you added the same Google account to the new phone?
Could you tell us what kind of phone your new phone is?

my new phone is the Motorola moto G7.
I have not done anything to the new phone yet.

Simply adding your Google account to the new phone will cause your calendar and contacts to be available there. There is nothing special for you to do.

ok. thanks

ok, i’m all set up, thanks for everyone’s help…

■■■■, they changed the charging cable again !@#$…

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Ok, how about old text messages ? Do the sync or port over to my new phone ?

you’ll need a 3rd party app to move of text messages

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