Moving existing RW number to 5.0 - number transfer error holding me up!

Attempted activation of two lines this evening. Here’s the problem I had.

I successfully created a NEW Republic account and began the activation process, guided by tips that I’ve read here on the forums and from customer support people. On both lines, as account owner, I used the same information except different phone numbers (of course). Both numbers were accepted and I received the message that activation would take a few minutes, and I’d be notified by e-mail. Then unexpectedly, my wife got a message on her phone that the Transfer had failed because of incorrect PIN or other information. Apparently, I had forgotten that at sometime in the past, I had made her an “Assigned User” which at the time was only for the purpose of dressing up the account statement. (She never managed the account or assigned herself a PIN etc.) Anticipating that that this might have caused the problem, I went into the old RW account and removed her as an assigned user so that by default both lines would be managed under the master account information. Had I done this first, both ports might have gone through. Well, maybe. Before trying anything else, I called support and explained the situation. The technician thought that might have been the problem and suggested trying the activation process again, and not changing a thing, since I had removed the Assigned User. I did, but then got the message that the phone line was not eligible for porting. (It didn’t say which line.) A second call to support was also very helpful, and we tried a couple of other tricks, but continued to get the ineligible line message. But now, the line that had failed was currently in the porting process, and there was no indication of the other line’s status. Maybe this will go through without any other intervention. She said to allow up to 72 hours for the port–sometimes.

It’s inconceivable to me that porting RW phone numbers to another RW account should be so cumbersome, slow and unreliable. My only advice to others at this point is to remove all “Assigned Users” from your account before porting to the new plans.


The current cumbersome, slow and seemingly less than reliable process is that way, in part, because it involves an actual port between carriers (the same as if one is porting from Republic to another provider).

Republic numbers on My Choice plans as well as 1.0/2.0 plans are hosted on’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. For purposes of number porting, numbers hosted on VoIP networks (a/k/a VoIP numbers) are classified as landlines (the more correct industry term is wireline).

Numbers moved to Republic’s 5.0 plans are hosted on AT&T’s network. In other words, previously when moving a number from one Republic phone to another Republic phone, the number itself stayed on Bandwidth’s network. With 5.0 that’s not the case, one’s Republic number is moving from one carrier (Bandwidth) to another carrier (AT&T).

Ultimately, Republic has promised a streamlined process that would iron out much of this. My advice to fellow members is absent a critical need to move from My Choice or earlier Republic plans to 5.0, you might be doing yourself a favor by waiting for that streamlined process.

It is not at all unusual for wireline to wireless ports to take 3 days though sometimes they complete faster. Theoretically, your My Choice SIMs should continue to have service until the port completes.


Understood. But, why would RW post the activation result message that the process would be complete within “minutes?” Ahhh, maybe I know the answer. We were forced to select another carrier in the dropdown list, not Republic. Maybe if Republic was selected, the activation message would have said “days” instead of “minutes.”

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I’ve moved your posts to their own topic from this one since yours was, sadly, not a success story.

For others reading along, I want to be sure no one thinks @davidw has been abandoned. I’ve been working with him in a Help Ticket.

We have added “other” to the previous carrier drop-down selector, for existing Republic members to use. That selector was not related to the result you saw.

@davidw has been extremely patient and continues to await final resolution of his transition to 5.0, which will require engineering’s collaboration with our new carrier partner during the coming work week.