Moving files to computer over USB

My computer does not see the files on my phone any longer - tried different devices and new usb wires. Phone shows up but no files.

Moto X pure edition:

  • large number of photos on the phone, I am trying to move them to the laptop via USB cable (used to be able to do this) and delete them off the phone.
  • the device shows up on the computer when plugged in via usb cable but no files show up on the device on the computer
  • I have tried it on multiple computers and bought new usb cables with the same results


Pull down the notification shade and change the connection. It defaults to charging only every time you plug it in.

When you swipe down on your screen, you should see the tag “USB for charging, (Touch for more options)”.

Then, there should be four options available to you:

  • Charging Only

  • Transfer files(MTP)

  • Transfer Photos (PTP)

  • MIDI

Transfer Photos seems to work well and will prompt your computer to launch a file import utility.

Transfer files opens the phone up on your computer’s file browser.

That works for me on my MOTO G5+, thanks.

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