Moving forward questions

Background: I erroneously signed up for RW 5.0 for my two phones from my existing RW 4.0 account. When I tried to activate the new SIMs I recognized my error, reinserted the 4.0 SIMs back in and the phones are working properly again on 4.0. Yea!
Now I have several questions:

  1. My RW account page shows four phones, 2 from the 4.0 plan with all the correct info, and 2 “blank” phone images with no info at all. Is this normal?
  2. I was charged for the first month for the 2 line 5.0 plan that was not activated. I have asked for a refund using a help ticket. Do I need to do something other than be patient?
  3. My RW 4.0 annual plan runs out in June and one of my phones is using a CDMA SIM. Thus, I will be purchasing 2 new RW phones and the 2 line 1G plan in May or June. Will I still have to cancel the 4.0 plan account and set up a new 5.0 account, insert new SIMs and go through the activation process and phone number port over process, or, will the new phones arrive with 5.0 SIMs already installed and ready to go? Or, will I insert the 2 SIMs I already have and go through some new and vastly simplified process to activate them and port over my existing phone numbers?

I wouldn’t call it normal but then many things have been less than normal lately. So long as your 4.0 service is not impacted, I wouldn’t be concerned about the phantom phones.

Watch for a refund on your 4.0 account. It should happen even without raising a help ticket but the process is manual and the folks issuing refunds are swamped.

By then, I would expect it will be possible to migrate from 4.0 to 5.0 using one’s current account, so no need to abandon an existing 4.0 account for a new 5.0 account. You should be able to use the SIMs currently in your possession though you will need to repurchase the desired plans. Republic no longer preinstalls SIMs in the phones it sells, so you would be installing those yourself. It’s really not difficult. :slightly_smiling_face: