Moving from G4 to G7

I am retired in Colorado, lately I’ve been spending my time fighting with these “smart” phones. Finally decided to drop the Moto G4 and get a Moto G7 Power.
First question, can the SIM card in the G4 be used in the G7 Power without sacrificing anything?
If so, will transferring the SIM card automatically make the G7 respond properly to incoming calls and connect properly to Republic Wireless for billing, etc.?

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Is the Moto G4 still operational? If your current phone is working, open the Republic Wireless app and touch the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the app screen. Select “About”.
For SIM type do you see GSM or CDMA?

If it’s GSM you can move the SIM to the new phone. This will move your number over and transfer billing while deactivating the old phone.

If you see CDMA see the article at the following link for instructions on getting a new CDMA:

If you do decide to order your new phone from the Republic Wireless store, it will come with the needed SIM.

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