Moving from iPhone to Android: How to Move iCloud Calendars to Google

If you’re syncing your iPhone (or other iOS device) calendars to iCloud and wish to move them to Google, so they sync with your Republic Android phone, here’s how. Admittedly, this one gets somewhat convoluted:

  1. Using a computer’s Web browser, navigate to iCloud and login using your Apple ID.
  2. Click the Calendar icon.
  3. To the left, click the “Share Calendar” icon (looks like a WiFi fan) beside the calendar you want to move.
  4. In the popup check Public Calendar, then click Copy Link.
  5. Using a new Web browser tab or window, paste the copied URL.
  6. Change webcal at the start of the URL to http, then press enter to open the address.
  7. Your Web browser will download a file with random characters as file name. This file is a copy of your iCloud Calendar entries.
  8. Save the file to a convenient folder on your computer. If you wish rename the file and add the .ics extension (if necessary).
  9. Using your web browser, login to Google Calendar.
  10. To the left, click the + sign at the right of Add a friend’s calendar.
  11. Click Import.
  12. Click Select file from your computer.
  13. Select the exported calendar file that you downloaded from iCloud. If you have more than one Google calendar, choose the destination calendar in the same dialog.
  14. Click Import to upload the file. Once finished, you’ll see the imported entries in the Google Calendar web interface. These entries will also be synced to your Android.
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