Moving from iPhone to Android: How to Sync iCloud Calendars and Contacts


Using iCloud calendars and contacts requires use of an Android sync adapter. I recommend DAVx. DAVx is ad-free, open source and in my experience provides excellent syncing of both iCloud calendars and contacts. There is modest cost involved in acquiring DAVx from Google Play. If one is comfortable installing Android apps from alternative sources, DAVx is free with the option to donate at F-Droid. F-Droid is a reputable source for a variety of FOSS (free and open source) Android apps and has its own app to streamline installation of the open source apps available there.

There are a couple of prerequisites:

  1. Turn on two factor authentication for your Apple ID. Please see Apple’s documentation here: Two-factor authentication for Apple ID.
  2. Generate app specific password(s). Apple describes that in this document: Using app-specific passwords.

To set up DAVx:

  1. Install DAVx.
  2. Open DAVx.
  3. Turn off Battery Optimization for DAVx and confirm.
  4. Tap the + sign in the orange circle lower right.
  5. For Email address, use your iCloud email address.
  6. For Password, use an app specific password created on Apple’s website as referenced previously.
  7. Tap Login.
  8. If desired, under Create account, change the account name. I use iCloud.
  9. Tap Create Account lower right.
  10. Tap your newly created account.
  11. Allow requested permissions.
  12. Tap to check the boxes for contacts (CardDAV) and any calendars (CalDAV), you wish to sync.
  13. Tap the sync icon upper right.
  14. When DAVx is finished syncing, you’ll find your iCloud calendars and contacts available to you using your phone’s native Calendar and Contacts app (for example Google Calendar and Google Contacts). Contacts will also be available in your phone’s native Dialer (Phone app).

One final note on using DAVx. Should you need to start your phone in Safe Mode for troubleshooting purposes, your iCloud calendars and contacts will “disappear”. Fear not, once you exit Safe Mode, all that need be done to bring them back is resync from within DAVx.

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