Moving from iPhone to Android: How to Sync iTunes Music



With some help from a third party app and modest expense, it’s quite possible to continue using iTunes on your Mac or PC and sync that content with your Republic phone or other Android device. Please note this doesn’t apply to content protected with DRM (digital rights management). Generally, iTunes movies and TV shows are copy protected at the behest of the content owners. Typically, iTunes music is not. The how to follows:

  1. Install iSyncr on your Android.
  2. Install the iSyncr desktop app on your Mac or PC.
  3. Launch iSyncr desktop.
  4. Open iSyncr on your Android.
  5. Select transfer method. I find WiFi to be more reliable than USB. If not already open, iTunes will launch.
  6. Select your iTunes library.
  7. Select what you wish to sync. Hint, if one has a MicroSD card, a long press (touch and hold) will allow for a choice of where one wishes to store iTunes content on their Android.
  8. Tap Sync Now.
  9. Wait while iSyncr does its thing.

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