Moving from iPhone to Android: How to Transfer User Content to a Samsung Phone


This article presumes one has already activated their new Samsung phone with Republic. If not, please do so then return here. Republic offers a great walkthrough of the activation process at: Activation Guide. If one prefers documentation, please see here: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help.

Perhaps the most straightforward way to move content from one’s iPhone to a Samsung phone is Samsung’s Smart Switch app. There is no Smart Switch app for iOS, so it will be necessary to use the USB cable method. Therefore, before getting started, be certain you have the following:

  1. Your new Republic activated Samsung Galaxy series phone.
  2. Your iPhone.
  3. Apple’s USB to Lightning or 30-pin cable (the charging cable Apple provided with your iPhone).
  4. A USB OTG cable.

When ready, start Samsung’s Smart Switch app on your Republic phone, then begin moving your iPhone’s content following on screen prompts. If you prefer step-by-step directions those follow:

  1. Install Smart Switch. Note Smart Switch is preloaded on Galaxy S7, S8, Note 8 and S9 devices. Tap Settings -> Cloud and accounts -> Smart Switch to open Smart Switch.
  2. Open Smart Switch.
  3. Tap Start bottom right.
  4. Tap to Agree to the Smart Switch Terms of Service.
  5. Grant needed permissions by tapping OK lower right.
  6. Tap USB Cable.
  7. Connect your USB OTG cable to your Samsung phone, then use Apple’s cable to connect your iPhone to your Samsung phone.
  8. Tap to Trust This Computer on your iPhone. Do not be concerned that your iPhone thinks your Samsung phone is a “computer”.
  9. Enter your iPhone’s security code.
  10. Tap Next on your Samsung phone.
  11. If you see a message asking for your iOS encryption password, enter that.
  12. Wait for Smart Switch to search the content on your iPhone.
  13. Select (or deselect), the content to be transferred.
  14. Tap Transfer.
  15. Smart Switch will present a list of matching Android apps for those on your iPhone.
  16. Select (or deselect) those apps as desired.
  17. Tap Install.
  18. When Smart Switch is done transferring content, tap Download to download any matching apps previously selected.
  19. Once matching apps are downloaded, peruse (and download) the Paid and Recommended tabs as desired.
  20. When done, tap the back arrow upper left, then tap Learn More if you haven’t already turned off Apple’s iMessage.
Moving from iPhone to Android: An Overview
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